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“Mixing Up Fun in Siem Reap: Sombai Cocktail Adventures for All!”

  • After a day of temple-hopping in the magical city of Siem Reap, what’s next on your adventure list? We’ve got the perfect post-temple plan for you – the Sombai Cocktail Class! Dive into the world of cocktails and culture with us.

Discovering Sombai: More Than Just a Drink

  • Siem Reap isn’t just about temples; it’s about the rich culture that surrounds them. That’s where Sombai comes in! Our Sombai Cocktail Class is not just a class; it’s an immersion into Khmer culture, history, and the art of mixology.

10 Flavors to Tickle Your Taste Buds

  • Hold on tight because we’re about to take your taste buds on a wild ride. With 10 different Sombai flavors, including mouthwatering mango, zesty passion fruit, and fiery ginger, you’re in for a flavor explosion! It’s like a colorful carnival for your palate.

Cocktail Wizardry with Sombai Magic

  • Are you a cocktail newbie? No worries! Our expert mixologists will guide you through the magic of mixology. You’ll learn to create iconic cocktails like the Angkor Sour, the Sombai Sunset, and the Khmer Sunrise. Trust us; these are Instagram-worthy drinks!

Choose Your Sipping Adventure: Tailored Classes

  • We believe that cocktails are best enjoyed in the company of good friends, whether you’re beginners, couples seeking a romantic experience, or a lively group looking for a blast. And guess what? We even offer private and customized classes for those who crave exclusivity.

The perfect activity after Angkor Wat

  • After your temple visit, join our cocktail class for a delightful taste adventure! Elevate your experience with a fusion of flavors. We’ve got you covered! Cheers to a fantastic time!

Sip, Shake, and Soak in Siem Reap Culture

  • We don’t just stop at cocktails; we’re all about cultural experiences. Picture this: sipping a Sombai cocktail while talking about Siem Reap best addresses, or our tips about the temples and city life. It’s a holistic journey through the city’s soul.

Why Choose Sombai Cocktail Class in Siem Reap?

  • It’s not just a class; it’s a cultural immersion.
  • Taste 10 unique Sombai flavors.
  • Become a cocktail maestro.
  • Tailor your class to your preferences.
  • Explore Siem Reap Wat Damnak busy area
  • Get hands-on experience making three of your own cocktails

Ready for Sombai Cocktail Class in Siem Reap

So, dear adventurers, if you’re ready to spice up your Siem Reap escapades, Sombai Cocktail Class is your secret ingredient. It’s a delightful mix of culture, flavors, and fun. Cheers to unforgettable memories in the heart of Cambodia!

Have a “Sombai”-licious time in Siem Reap!

The Tasting visit plus learn how to make 3 Khmer cocktails with our bartender up to 2h activity – 5.30 to 7.30 pm | $22 direct booking | $24 via Tripadvisor

Where to get your perfect Cambodian souvenirs

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Siem Reap Cocktail class

At Sombai, the hand-painted bottles are created by young Cambodian artists. They represent: Angkor, of course, and also the Apsara dancers, the Cambodian countryside and daily activities on the Tonle Sap Lake. All these images are captured as a memento from your stay in Siem Reap.
The bottles are colourful, proudly ‘wearing’ a traditional krama on the cap or around the bottle neck. The Sombai painted-bottles enable you to buy souvenirs or offer a wonderful gift both very original and unique. Moreover, some small fit-for-carry-on luggage bottles are also available. This will allow you to bring it back even if you do not have any check-in luggage.
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